Just a quick update on Brussels

brussels-packing canvass-brussels-delivery
After spending no more than a couple of hours on packing 400 individual utilities bags, the van was loaded up and ready to go to Brussels on Monday morning.
Each bag contained a large bag of peanuts, a ring pulled tin of sardines, two biscuits, two cereal bars, a carton of juice, a bottle of water, one T-Shirt and a pair of boxer shorts.

On our way to Brussels, we first stopped at the Belgium kitchen where we dropped 300 sleeping mats and dozens and dozens of tinned vegetables.
Amazing job they are doing at the Belgium kitchen! They are now housed in a great enclosure in the middle of Brussels, temporarily accommodating around 100 vulnerable refugees, women and children but also local homeless people. They prepare 100s of daily meals and hand out to refugees every night. They have a good piece of land and are now starting their vegetable gardens. Do pay them a visit https://www.facebook.com/BelgiumKitchen/
Yassine Tjo is your man!

Then we were on our way to the usual meeting points to meet the couple of hundreds of mainly East African refugees. After distributing around 50 individual bags, we were very politely stopped by the Police who simply told us that we were to terminate our activities as we had no authorisation from the local mayor.
After a very civilised conversation and the arrival of reinforcement, we then decided to move to the adjacent local park which was not administered by the same Brussels district (as suggested by a friendly young policeman). It was quite a site to see this couple of hundreds of refugees following our van in such a disciplined fashion.
We met up again in the park, arranged a line, and as the local cops had told us they estimated the numbers of refugees to 100-150, we knew we had plenty of bags… or did we? After our 400 bags were handed out, we unfortunately had to say stop to around 100 of once again very disciplined refugees.

Another great mission accomplished. Another drop in the ocean, but as we all know all drops add up…
The question is when will we be able to stop needing those endless drops… ever?