We are delighted to be supporters of those two wonderful projects in Paris:

‘La Timmy’ informs and defends the rights of unaccompanied minors in Paris. They provide both moral and material support, legal help, and guide them to medical services. Not only that, they organise activities, collect donations, signal to authorities their faults and fight to make the public more aware of the alarming situation the minors currently face.

A FUN DAY OUT FOR LA TIMMY (around 70 boys) :

‘Send a boy up the Eiffel Tower’ – 12.50euros

Creating memories and fun days out with their peers is vital for these young people, who find themselves often in hostile environments. The Eiffel Tower is a top destination for every young person arriving in paris, and for them, moments like these are truly priceless.

If you want to contribute and help us support la Timmy, please donate here


‘La Maison Rose’ is a safehouse for young unaccompanied refugees. We provide for up to 25 boys at a time, a warm bed, hot meals, diverse activities, a sense of fun, freedom and above all security. Not only that, we use fair rules, guidelines and structure, which allows the boys to find their footing and facilitates integration into French society.

“A….. ” for example, arrived at La Maison Rose after being refused by the Red Cross (who are assigned to evaluate minors in Paris.) With no means to provide himself shelter, he took to metro stations and doorways to stay warm at night. Luckily, he was directed towards the association la Timmy and in collaboration with La Maison Rose he now has a warm bed and dinner every night. Upon arrival, he was shy, worried and withdrawn, but now “A” is often seen bounding up the stairs to an activity or in deep conversation with his friends around a game of cards, he has something that resembles stability now, and he can await his re-assessment in peace.


‘Keep a boy safe in Paris for one week’ – 26,60euros

‘Keep a boy safe in Paris for one month’ – 75,20euros (navigo pass)

In Paris, ‘controllers’ catch anyone without a ticket. Controllers either give fines or more often, call the police, which can be complicated, dangerous and very stressful for our boys. In order to reduce the frightening risk of exposure to the authorities, we provide metro tickets for their daily outings to activities, legal meetings and medical appointments.

If you want to contribute and help us support la Maison Rose, please donate here

Thank you